Decorative Glass Bottles: Suitable For Home And The Environment

If you love garage sales, you may have seen beautiful decorative glass bottles. Or maybe you buy at TJ Maxx or Ross and have found a good glass jar.

In any case, decorative glass bottles are an easy way to decorate your home decoration for a fraction of the cost. Decorative bottles are available in all sizes and colours.

The bottle was quite standard and practical. Spaghetti sauce, spices and alcoholic drinks come in clean and boring bottles.

Today glass containers come in a variety of colours and styles. Decorative glass bottles can be blue, green, red, purple, yellow and a mixture of these colours. The artist will make a hand-blown bowl that incorporates several colours into the design.

It is also possible to paint glass bottles to improve the theme of interior design. To find paint that can be used for glass, visit your local hobby or craft store.

What can you do with a decorative bottle?

Many of us remember the window frames that collected old blue glass bottle from the house of grandfather or old Aunt Jane. The sun illuminated that blue light and it was so beautiful!

The decor of that style is coming back and many have created their shelves or displays of decorative glass bottles. Today, bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from tall styles of wine bottles to short round containers, even flat glass containers.

This type of bottle allows you to create shapes with depth and texture, which are the most popular buttons in the current trend of home decoration.

For more practical people, the bottle can be used for a variety of purposes. Small bottles are excellent for storing bulk spices obtained from local health food stores. The larger containers are a good sample of vinegar, oil or fragrant liquor. Some people choose to use decorative glass bottles such as vases, oil lamps or lead diffusers. Some containers are suitable for storing flour, sugar and tea.

There is no right or wrong use for decorative bottles

There is a dark green glass wine container for extra virgin olive oil, a decorative transparent bottle for the common olive oil used for cooking and a yellow bottle for corn oil. This container makes it easy to choose the right oil at a glance.

How to clean a glass bottle

Most of my bottles come from garage sales or flea markets, and unfortunately, they have often accumulated over the years.

Many glass containers come with a narrow neck, which can be difficult to clean inside. The bottle brush often does not reach the depths inside the jar where dirt accumulates.

There are some tips to help eliminate dust inside tall containers. First, immerse the bottle in very hot water. The dust is released. Second, pour 1-2 teaspoons of dry brown rice with dish soap. Fill the bottle with 1/3 hot water and shake it violently (thumbs up).

Another alternative to brown rice is sand or mashed eggshells. You may have to repeat this procedure several times to remove all dust from the bottom of the outlet.

The recycling of glass bottles is good for the environment

Reusing bottles is a good idea for the environment. It is not only possible to remove the bottle from the landfill, but also make good use of it.

Do you know that recycling glass containers can save enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for 4 watts? Each bottle makes a difference.

With a bit of originality and creativity, you can use decorative 50ml blue bottleĀ to decorate your home and help the environment.