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HP laptop battery replacement

For most HP laptops, the back panel must be removed to replace the battery. This means you may need to invest in a battery, HP laptop battery replacement is affordable for all and is much easy to mount a new battery.

How the HP battery can be replaced?

You may need to cut any rubber feet on the panel before accessing the charger, but it depends on your HP laptop battery. Through a plastic opening tool, you can cut the screws that tie together the body of your laptop.

You will loosed the screws on the back panel with a Phillips screwdriver, and then cut the back cover of your laptop. You may need the plastic tool to remove the edges again. It is typically better to start in a corner and dislodge the panel carefully, but ensure that components do not turn dangerous. Many of these damaged HP laptop battery replacements are done, according to HP, non-removable, so that they cannot be substituted by the user.

Authorized technician will offer battery repair services free of charge, said HP. Meanwhile, HP issued a BIOS update of the laptops impacted. The revised BIOS positions the battery in the “Battery protection mode” to allow safe use of damaged laptops with a power adapter without the battery.

You can search the battery immediately if you have an HP laptop battery replacement issue. This is the warning from the American firm that such PCs may have a problem that can overheat the battery, pose a fire and burn threat for consumers.

HP first published this warning in January last year, but has added more laptops to the list that could confront these battery problems.

HP laptop battery replacement is difficult for the user to replace it by itself. Every technical thing needs an expert to handle the gadget with great care. Same for the laptop battery replacement. Laptop is playing a vital role in our lives nowadays. If the laptop is damaged or need some repairmen or the battery timing is too short.

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