Types Of Material Used For Memorial Stones

If we see in human history, we can find one thing find very common and everlasting and those are memorial stones. Even today if we went to some archaeological sites or any ancient site, we can find much stone engraved with a different language, symbolizing the message given by human living hundreds of years back. This shows that not today but human have been using stones for their memorial and these stones have served their purpose very well. The most common us of memorial stones is for graves but they are also used in building to write messages for the people or to notify the purpose and time the building was made. One just notices that even if the building doesn’t survive with time but usually these stones are left as their memory. Most of the history we know about people or things in our society is because of the messages written on these affordable headstones.

 Even in today modern world, even with the advancement of all the science and material, the usage of memorial stones are still intact. They are not only commonly used for graves but also monuments or memorial sites. We can see many sites are made to pay tribute to war heroes or people who have died in terrorism and these memorial stones are erected at the site to remember the lost one.

 But the mainstream use of these stones is for graves. As graves are resting place for the loved ones, so the family will always prefer that grave should be marked properly. It will help future generation to identify where their ancestor is buried and they can visit to pay their tribute. This is the social convention which hasn’t changed for hundreds of years and might go on as long as the human race will progress. This is the reason people re very particular about the quality and material used for memorial stones. Because it has to last for generations, so it must be carefully selected considering all the elements like size, weather, ground etc. See here for memorial plaques.

 There are different material used for memorial stones. But these markers can also be made from metal or wood, but still, the stones are most preferred material. Different types of stone are in use;

Marble” Marble is a crystallized form of limestone and is a popular use for the memorial stone. Marble can easily be engraved and last very long if its interaction with rainwater is less. But it is expensive as compared to other materials.

 Granite: Granite is also in popular use. It is a hard stone and needs the effort to engrave or carve it. But due to its durability, it is preferred.

 Sandstone: Sandstone is preferred due to its earthly texture and strength. It is easy to carve but if the water content increases in the stone, it can crumble to dust over time.